Devdyuti Baksi

Energy Healer & Hypnotherapist


Release, Relax, Heal

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Meet Devdyuti

Her passion to help people and her keen interest in alternate healing modalities took Devdyuti on a journey of self-discovery. Over the past decade, she has lived in different countries and has absorbed the wisdom of different cultures. She continues to work with people around the globe. She is compassionate, insightful dedicated in her work. Reach out to her if you are looking for energy healing, mindfulness, or hypnotherapy.

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Why HELM is for you!


Do you feel stuck in some area of your life? Do you feel you are not operating to your fullest potential? Do you want to break free of your limitations and become the person you want to be?  Do you overanalyze or constantly catastrophise?  Then strategic hypnotherapy is for you.

Maybe you want to reduce drinking or quit smoking. Maybe you wish to be less of a perfectionist.

Maybe you tried many different approaches but nothing has really worked. Will power can only get you so far….welcome to strategic hypnotherapy. It will offer you an opportunity to view things differently, find effective ways to address issues.


Rediscover confidence, calm and clarity.

Be at the HELM of your life and become the best version of yourself!

As a certificated clinical hypnotherapist, my mission is to help clients overcome obstacles using the vehicle of hypnosis. I work with clinically proven techniques to deliver tailor-made plans to suit your individual requirement. You are unique and should be treated as one!

HELM Center offers Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, CBT based life coaching, NLP and mindfulness.

As a trained energy healer, I can also help you balance your energy field and clear blockages. This will help promote physical and mental wellness. Does this healing modality resonate with you?

If you would like to know about hypnosis, energy healing or are ready to make the transformation, contact me today!

Don’t waste another day of your life.

I look forward to talking to you and assisting you.

My Services

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Energy Healing

Initial Consultation

45 min

₹ 1,200


Initial Consultation

1 hr 30 min

₹ 1,800

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What Patients Say

I thank Devdyuti from the bottom of my heart. In May 2019 my mother who is 96 suffered bedsore on her heal. Doctors made a good effort but finally told me that things are not good n they have to resort to surgery, but the chances of healing are very slim. And if they don't do the surgery, chances are that infection will continue to resurface again and again.
That's the time I requested Devdyuti to give healing at least to the effect that she does not suffer. I sent her payment for 10 days. And thereafter I saw a complete miracle. The wound began to heal n the dr said let us give it a chance to heal by itself. Now in about 45 days it is more or less healed.
My heartfelt thanks to Devdyuti for all the energetic healing she sent to Biji.

Mrs Priya Dayal


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"